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Weaving Celebrations is an event planning company that focuses on the offbeat. Beyond the box event planning that does not want to follow the norm. Be it a couple who want an optimal budget yet destination wedding or a private party that is minimal in essence yet large in the feelings; you name it, we make it happen!

Our core vision lies in three thoughts:

1. For an event to be beautiful, it shouldn't cost a mountain

2. The event planning should not be a burden on the host/s

3. Intimate, the merrier

With the above three thoughts, we work with you to make your dream event unique and not follow a copy paste template. Each event we plan is different, one-of-a-kind as it is designed to preserve your expectations for the day. Not the planners ideas, your thoughts turned into moments you would treasure!

Our Story

Our Co-Founders, Adhiraj and Aishwarya, are avid planners IRL. From managing parties at home to planning college festivals, they have done it all. Until 2021, when they decided to plan their own wedding. They wanted a day that speaks of their essence as against the bollywood style fiesta most Indian weddings have become.


Right from the wedding day, to what rituals the priest would do, everything was tailor made and least to say-unheard of in a usual Indian wedding. Everybody, including families, loved the event, and the fact that both their parents enjoyed each and every moment instead of running between things.

It was one of a kind wedding that resonated with a lot of people present that day. Thus inspiring the idea to plan events that echo the personality of the hosts; not of the planners or social media.

Adhiraj and Aishwarya are also full-time textile innovators working on their circular and sustainable textile start-up. Theirs is a college sweethearts love story; feel free to ask about it if you end up hiring them as your planners.


Aishwarya's favorite part of event planning is getting all the backstage planning into action, fitting every piece of the puzzle.

On the event day, she can be seen running around (a lot!) and she enjoys that.

When not planning an event, she can be seen working on their startup, reaching her goal of zero waste living, reading fiction, catching up on shows/movies and just nibbling very often :D



Adhiraj is a huge people person. His favorite part of event planning is seeing every person in an event happy and creating memories of the day.

On the event day, he is the one most guests love talking to!

When not planning an event, he can be seen working on their startup, enjoying long drives, hanging out with friends, practicing savasana :D and creating new cocktail recipes!


Meet Aishwarya+Adhiraj

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