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Our celebration need not be a burden on the planet!

A lot of materials that go into weddings and parties end up in landfill. Most of these do no degrade for hundreds of years, sitting there, polluting the soil, and entering our systems as microplastics. A few days of celebration for us, should not end up polluting our permanent home for 100 years, should it?

At Weaving Celebrations, we are conscious that any celebration can still be made fun yet generate zero waste.

Steps we take towards zero waste goal:

1. Use only reusable decor items, NO single time use or disposable decor.

2. NO plastics-cups, bottles, cutlery, or packaging.

3. Donate leftover food so it doesn't reach landfill.

4. If we do use plastic water bottles, we ensure they are recycled.

All these don't cost you as a client, but you can be a little more assured that your celebration doesn't have any harmful footprint on the planet.

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